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In order to better serve the entire state of New Mexico, we have relocated our operation to Caballo, NM. This location affords quick access to Northern NM, while still offering quick response time to our valued customers in Las Cruces. We continue to offer the same great products and provide the same great service.


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Sunbody Palm Leaf Hats

Great style and a perfect fit for everyone.

hand crafted hat Palm Leaf Hats  UPF50+

SunBody Hats - The leader in palm-leaf hats

We offer over 12 varieties of Western Style palm leaf hats, inventory is constantly changing. We keep sizes 6 7/8 - 8 in stock. SunBody Guatemalan palm leaf hats are TOUGH. They are totally handmade. Palm-leaves are split into strips which are braided into a flat plait. The plait is then sewn together in over-lapping spiral. With 150 feet of strong palm braid, or more, and 20,000 stitches in every hat, these palm-leaf hats can be crushed and spring back to shape.

Why SunBody Palm-Leaf Hats are Great:
  • They look great
  • They're crushable and pop back out to their original shape
  • They can be easily reshaped just by getting them wet. No steam is required
  • They're waterproof and will hold their shape even in a heavy downpour
  • They're washable with just soap and water
  • They're self-conforming to the shape of your head

  • SunBody Hats imports palm leaf hats from Guatemala and Mexico where we work directly with hat makers. We shape and trim them in our shop in Houston, Texas.

    Wearing a hat to protect your skin is good but not all hats are created equal. A simple cotton hat only blocks 20% of UV rays. Sunbody palm leaf hats block 98% of UV light for an equivalency of UPF 50+.

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    5" Low Gus

    UPF 50+

    Boxtop Fine

    Reshaping Not Required

    Bead Laced Gus

    Hand Woven


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    Classy Lassy

    You shape it for the perfect fit

    How to Shape your SunBody Hat

    It's fun and you can't hurt it when its wet. Play with it - in thirty minutes you'll be a pro.

    Built to shape

    hat palm leaf

    Step One: Get your hat good and wet, inside and out. Spray it, hold it under the faucet or dunk it in a trough or stream.

    Crease the Crown

    uv protectant hats

    Step Two: Crease the crown (as shown), putting the seam at the back. Shape the side curves like you want them. For symmetry, look at the inside of the crown while working it.

    Shape the Brim

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    Step Three: Shape the brim by rolling the edges toward the crown. Exaggerate the roll, maybe even crease it, as the brim will have a tendency to uncurl some when you let it go.      



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    Step Four: For a nice front-to-back curve, stretch the hat lengthwise with your fingers from the inside while pulling down on the ends of the brim with your thumbs.

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    Wet, your hat will be hard and rigid and feel smaller. Dry, it will be flexible and remember its new shape if crushed. It will not shrink or stretch but will conform to the shape of your head.

    Water is the key

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    Extreme dryness will make you hat brittle. In dry weather an occasional dousing will keep your hat fresher and make it last longer.